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How to install door handles SKU DL01BK?

Install Probrico door handles is easy, this blog will show you how to install them by yourself.
After you got the package, pls check all details, it should include leverset, latch, Backplate, plastic cover, short screws, long screws, instructions. Just like the below photo showed.

door handles

1.Check Dimensions

Note: The figures are provided for reference only. These are recommended MINIMUM values. The tolerance should be less than 2mm.
Please use Striking Plate set B, if set A is not suitable.
door levers
installation door handles tips

2.Adjust the Latch

The latch is initially set for (60mm). Keep spindle cam in 2 ⅜” correct position as illustrated.
Switch to (70mm), if your backset is 70mm. Pull it to the 2 ¾” right to switch.


door hardware

3.Install Latch and Striking Plate

Please ensure the latch tongue orientation is proper.

probrico door handles
modern door handles

4.Install Exterior Door Lever

Insert the spindle into the latch.

5.Install Interior Door Lever

a.Twist the thumb knob to vertical or horizontal, which is your preferred locking position.
b.Insert the spindle into interior lever and align the screw holes with the stems.
c.Secure the interior lever with long screws.
installation tips
install probrico door handles
Total 5 steps, have you know how to install door handles now?

And this blog will tell you some tips on drill holes.

a. Fold the template at the dotted line and tape the template to the interior side of the door at 34 to 48 inch Height.
b. Measure the thickness of the door and mark the middle point of the door thickness.
c. Mark the 2 ⅜”or 2 ¾ ” (60 or 70mm) hole center for the backset.
Note: Make sure the two dots are at the same height.
how to drill holes

a. Drill a Dia. 2 ⅛” (54mm) hole for the lock body.
b. Drill a Dia. 1” (25mm) hole for the latch.
c. Insert the latch into the hole and mark the outline of the faceplate.
d. Chisel a ⅛” (3mm) deep hole for the faceplate. a (3mm) deep hole for the faceplate.
how to drill holes

a. Close the door with the latch installed and mark lines on Spindle Cam Spindle Cam the door jamb as shown in figure a.
b. Align the striking plate with the lines. Draw the shape of the striking plate.
c. Drill a ⁵⁄8” (16mm) deep hole in the middle of the striking plate.
d. Chisel ¹⁄8” (3mm) deep for the striking plate.
drill holes
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