How to install Probrico Hinges: CHR093HA/CHH093GA?

How to install CHR093HA/CHH093GA?

CHR093HA is Soft Close.

CHH093GA is regular hinges.

1,Check the hinge you receive.

Each Hinge includes: Hinge Body+Mounting Plate+4 screws (Press the hinge top, can remove the plate easily.)

2,Drill Hole.

CHR093HA and CHH093GA are full overlay.( means the door panel will cover the full cabinet side panel.)

(The following picture shows hinge when closed)

Confirm the Hole location.

H: Mounting Plate height value. For CHR093HA and CHH093GA, H=0

D: The cabinet panel thickness. For CHR093HA and CHH093GA, available door thickness is 14-22mm.

K: The Distance of the door frame to the side of the drilled Hole. K=D-14

For example, if your cabinet panel thickness is 18mm, K=4,

So the distance of hole center to side frame is 35/2+4=21.5mm.

The distance of hole center to top frame(LF) is according to your door size, normally LF is 100mm-125mm

Mark the location of the center of the circle, and then use a 35mm forstner drill bit, hole depth of 11.5mm.(12mm-13mm are ok)


3,Install the Hinge Body.

Put hinge cup to the hole, then tighten the screws. (The two screws distance is 45mm) ( Mark a line before tighten the screws)

4,Install the Mounting Plate.

Fasten the hinge plates to cabinet side panel using the screws provided and a power drill. The Distance of the screw hole to the frame is 37mm.

LF is the same as the hinge body. So mark sure the Hinge Body and mounting Plate are at the same level.


5, Finish the Installation.

Hold the door, slide the hinge body into the mounting plate. and snap together

6, Minute adjustment

After installation, if the door is not closed well, you could adjust by these screws.

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