How To Choose new Hinges for Your Cabinet?

Choose the right hinges for your Old Cabinet.
In this situation, just compare with your old hinges:

If you could see the hinges when the cabinet door closed?
If not, your hinges are concealed hinges.

If could, your hinges are self close hinges.

For concealed hinges:
A, Confirm Opening Angle. ( 90°-110°-165°)

B, Confirm if your would like soft close. ( soft close means you give the door a small push, the door will close slowly.)

C, Confirm if your cabinet is with frame.

If you cabinet is face frame.

You hinges type should be A or B or C

After confirm style, let’s confirm overlay:

If A or B style, There will be 3 kinds of overlay, full overlay, half overlay and inset(or insert).
Please refer to the picture below, to confirm your hinges overlay.

If C style.Please refer to the picture below, to confirm your hinges overlay.
The overlay is the length of the door cover the frame.

Another 2 points is hinges cup size and screws.

please also measure your cabinet hole size: diameter X depth. Normally it is 35mm*11.5mm, so the cup size is 35mm*11.5mm.

Please notice that the hinges you buy are with screws!

Above, you have got all to confirm the hinges you want:

Opening angle + soft close or not + face frame or frameless + overlay

Enter these search words, you will get the right hinges!

Like this :

165 degree face frame hinges full overlay soft close 


face frame hinges half overlay.

 If you cabinet is without Frame.

There are two style:

The difference between two styles:

A(Surface mount hinges) needn't drill.(Non-Moutise)

B (European style)


Then please also confirm the overlay.

So you will get all of your hinges :

Non-Moutise hinges or full overlay European cabinet hinges.

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