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Satin Nickel Finish Double Cylinder Deadbolt Lock - Keyed Alike DLD102SN

Satin Nickel Finish Double Cylinder Deadbolt Lock - Keyed Alike DLD102SN

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  • Probrico keyed entry deadbolt with key on both side, the locks are keyed alike function, all deadbolts have the same key;
  • Material: Stainless Steel + Iron;
  • Adjustable Backset - 2-3/8 inch or 2-3/4 inch (60mm or 70mm);
  • Fits doors thickness: 1-3/8 inch to 1-3/4 inch (35mm to 45mm);
  • All the mounting accessories are included, easy to install;
  • Shipped from US, it will take about 3-5 days for delivery.
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Customer Reviews

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I got this double-sided lock for a closet, suck my husband about five minutes to install, have had it for almost 2 weeks with no issues


I HIGHLY recommend this deadbolt lockset, as it is as rugged, VERY well machined, smooth operating (Important at 10 degrees below zero), like here in the winter fairly regularly. The price is nearly HALF for a lockset that I bought last year, Below zero out, and left me in the truck for the night, all because the internal mechism was VERY cheap metal aloy, and snapped! ( broke cleanly though) LOL. I paid for a good lock, but my new lockset (much less $$) purchased here, is twice the quality!! VERY GOOD PRODUCT!! *5 STAR RATING*

REAL TALK! IMPORTANT FACTS! Almost ANY thief can use a credit card to bypass your door knob lock....

Heck I unlocked my mothers door the 1st time I EVER tried. I learned from watching tv and got lucky. Anyway, EVERY thief will tell you that bypassing your door knob is nothing for them. Done in under a minute. And in the samebreath, they will also tell you that there is NO EASY WAY AROUND A DEADBOLT. Unless the door has glass through which they can simply break and reach into to unlock the bolt. A LOCK LIKE THIS LEAVES A THIEF WITH 2 OPTIONS...KICK THE DOOR IN and alert everyone within ear shot or TO PICK THE LOCK WITH A LOCK PICKING KIT. That takes time. Time and patience. Time, patience, and nerves of steel! Because chances are in my neighborhood, you take the time to pick my lock, and I will be waiting for you to step into my house on the other side. EXCELLANT, EASY TO INSTALL, DETERANT OR PREVENTATIVE MEASURE!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!! 5 MINUTE INSTALLATION, LIFETIME PIECE OF MIND!!! 5 STARRS!!!! HOUSEHOLD NECCESSITY!!!

No more escaping toddler!

I love this. My 2yo son recently started unlocking our traditional deadbolt and door handle and escaping out of the house while I use the restroom. The first time he did it he ran down our back alley, almost to the road, before I got him. I never would've known if my eldest (6yo) hadn't screamed when he ran outside. It was the scariest moment of my life, even with the street we live on having very little traffic. I ordered this right away because when I was younger I babysat for a man whose son did the same thing and they had a lock similar to this, so I knew what I was looking for. As soon as it was delivered I installed it myself, being a 28yo woman with little knowledge of how to do this it was fairly simple and straight forward. The directions were clear and concise. It came with 3 keys, which is great. One for both mine and my husband's key chains and one for the house in case we get locked in. The night after I installed it I slept better than I had in a week. This lock has given me peace and security for me and my children, which means everything. This is exactly what I needed.
We recently moved into a larger apartment which had two doors leading outside. I bought a second double key deadbolt and it has been wonderful. I have no stress about my escape artist sneaking our and no worry of intruder. This is a wonderful product delivered in a timely manner. I would buy over and over and over again. Thank you for giving me piece of mind and ensuring that my family is safe.